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ValueNow is an online platform located in the Middle East and North Africa that connects investors and entrepreneurs, or business owners with similar interests and opportunities. At the same time, many business owners and investors spend significant time and energy setting a strategy to maximize their efficiency. However, some business owners have a vague idea to select the appropriate value for their business investment. As a result, this can cause neglect, company hardship and, unfortunately, failure.

Therefore, ValueNow assists entrepreneurs and business owners to value their business idea before presenting the business pitch to their potential investor. As well as decide on the value of their company based on its marketplace, thus, integrate and judge different valuation opinions that are right for the business investment.


ValueNow offers services for both investors and entrepreneurs:

For Investors

We offer Post Opportunities which provides ValueNow investors to create a portfolio on opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking investment in a specific industry or location. In other words, investors will have to present an investment objective to control the risks that lie within any investment. Therefore, in the era of digitalized investing, and with ValueNow, it is essential to showcase your investment background, potential profits and investment field to showcase matching opportunities.

Additionally, we offer Search Opportunities that allow investors to explore opportunities created by entrepreneur users to find the most convenient business opportunities and communicate with them for any additional discussions on business partnerships and collaborations. Investors need to reach out to potential entrepreneurs to ensure trustworthy, dependable, and adequate individuals.

For Entrepreneurs

Like investors, entrepreneurs can also share various business concepts for investment, stating their field and demographical location and communicating financial aspects and pitch-deck Post Opportunities. Communication is also crucial for entrepreneurs, allowing them to build a trusting bond with their investors and maintain transparency to create a trustworthy environment. Furthermore, communicating with more than one investor is also essential for entrepreneurs to consider different opinions and perspectives regarding their business pitch, valued by ValueNow. 

Valuate your business with ValueNow

This feature will encourage the acquisition of a business and healthy investment. Moreover, a proper business valuation and a suitable market analysis will give the entrepreneur a clear perspective on the value of their business based on the industry. ValueNow experts will provide entrepreneurs with professional business valuation reports using the utmost valuation techniques and methods to present to the investor. 

ValueNow also provides Search Opportunities for entrepreneurs to search and look for different opportunity investments for their business that investors might find interesting. Therefore, entrepreneurs will be able to determine which investment is the most suitable for their business and evaluate strengths and weakness of the company.


Advertise with ValueNow

ValueNow does not only offer investment opportunities, but we also offer Online Advertising Opportunities by featuring or putting an ad using banners, sponsorship, E-mail and SMS. Online Advertising is an affordable method to reach and engage with your target audience. With this in mind, you can precisely monitor your advertisements’ performance and respond efficiently to your consumers. For more information, you can contact us to access this feature by filling this form.

TRUST IS ValueNow 

ValueNow is built upon four main pillars which are as follows:

  • Reliability
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability

These four pillars are applied to our services and our professional staff to guarantee customer satisfaction and a pleasant customer experience.

Registering to ValueNow

ValueNow is accessed using a few simple steps:

  1. You need to Sign Up to register on the platform. You can register using E-mail, Google or Facebook.
  2. Once the profile is created, the entrepreneur or investor will be able to upload their documents.
  3. The entrepreneur will upload a pitch deck, industry and field, and business valuation whether self-valued, third-party, or by ValueNow. Similarly, the investor will also upload documents related to his/her interests.
  4. Once the registration process is complete and the documents are uploaded, the entrepreneur and investor can browse different opportunities and chat for future investments.

To conclude, ValueNow’s main aim is to build a platform in the Middle East and North Africa suitable for entrepreneurs and investors to communicate effectively, share perceptions, guarantee organizational progress and advertisement opportunities that could benefit entrepreneurs and investors

Ahmad Khalaf
CEO – ValueNow